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2023 GENERAL SESSION SPONSORED LEGISLATION - Click on bill number for specifics

HB0155- Minor party and independent candidates-filing deadline.       

HB0156- Voter identification limitations.      

HJ0004 - Residential property tax cap-amendment.      

HB0235-School board members-same day swearing in and serving.  


HB0066- Prohibiting mask, vaccine and testing discrimination.    

HB0087- Crimes of obscenity-revisions.      

HB0100- Acquisition value study.       

HB0103- Political party affiliation declaration and changes.       

HB0104- Hunting of predatory animals-amendments.     

HB0105- Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments.

HB0143- Health mandates-CDC and WHO jurisdiction in Wyoming.  

HB0144- Senior citizen district programs and services. 

HB0146- Lobbying restrictions.  

HB0160- Drivers license veterans designation replacing DD form 214.  

SF0072- Employees-forced microchip implantation prohibited.  

SF0109- Prohibiting chemical abortions.  

SJ0005- Air Force 75th Anniversary.    

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