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Chuck Gray (State House Legislator)

It is my pleasure to endorse Tony Locke for Wyoming House District 35.   Tony is a true constitutional conservative who will fight to defend our God given freedoms and will put the power of government back into the hands of “We the People”.

Michael Tennermann (LtCol USAF, Ret):

I want to let you know the kind of man Tony Locke is and why you want him to represent you in the upcoming election.  First and foremost, Tony is a Patriot.  He served his country with distinction and is a firm believer in people’s rights and the Constitution.  Our relationship goes back over 30 years.  He is a strong family man; our children grew up together; we were close hunting buddies, neighbors, but most importantly good friends.  He was someone you could trust and count on in good or tough times.  Tony is a man of his word and believes in the freedoms we have been blessed with and will fight to ensure they are not diminished or rescinded.

If you want someone to have your back and be there to represent you, then look no further. I am a strong supporter of Tony Locke for Wyoming House District 35.

Darrell Williams:

I have known Tony Locke for over 30 years as friend and professional real estate investor. He is a man of integrity, a true patriot and committed to supporting the constitution of the United States. He has a long history as a professional in the cyber security industry. Tony has demonstrated much success in his local community supporting the needs of his fellow citizens and ensuring that government is held accountable to the citizens it serves. I highly recommend Tony for the position of Representative of the Wyoming State Legislature, House District #35.

CJ Lovato:

I am endorsing Tony Locke for Wyoming House District 35. I know he has so much to offer in this position because he is strong willed, determined, and he knows the difference between right and wrong. I have known Tony for more than 5 years, and I know that he would be a great State Representative.

Vlad Kamenev:

 It is my privilege to endorse Tony Locke for Wyoming State Legislature. I have known Tony for many years - he is a man of strong convictions and integrity, a man who stands for the freedoms of the people and for protecting the principles of our Constitution.

Tony is a fiery defender of the rights of his fellow citizens, including the right for peaceful assembly, the freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. A business owner himself, he is a strong voice for small business owners who need now more than ever protection from government overreach.

A Veteran of the Air Force, Tony went to the meetings of a local school board to help stand the ground for parents who have the right to know and scrutinize what their children are being taught and subjected to on a daily basis. A family man, he advocates your right to make your own medical decisions and choose your own medical treatment. As a patriot, he loves our country and everything that it represents. 

I know Tony as one of the very few people who are courageous enough to fight for their principles and to defend our God-given freedoms regardless of any personal or political gain. As a State Representative, Tony Locke will make your voice heard.

Calvin Goddard:

I was glad to hear that Tony decided to run for the Wyoming Legislature in House District 35.  I have known Tony for over 50 years.  He has always worked hard and has strong ties to his family, church, and community.  Tony's ideas for government begin with personal responsibility and individual rights.  The individual has rights that cannot be overruled by a governmental body, whether a local, state or federal.  Tony researches information and doesn't take anything at face value.  He listens to others and does his own research before making a decision.  I don't think he can be pressured to follow the herd unless he determines this is the best way to proceed.  If you are looking for a Representative that will stand up for your individual rights, Tony is someone you are looking for.





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